Edible Physical Maps: Hands-on Activity

Let’s set the record straight. Kids love food. Kids love touching food. Kids love learning with food. Anytime that I can incorporate food in an activity is a hit in my book. Want a fun, engaging, food filled activity that students can actively learn about the landforms of the United States and later eat their creations? This is the perfect activity! Continue reading Edible Physical Maps: Hands-on Activity

Teacher Hack: Durable Book Bin Labels

No more falling apart book bins and labels randomly showing up on the floor! Here is an easy teacher hack for anyone looking for a way to make their classroom library book bin labels more durable and longer lasting. Supplies Needed: book bins brads card stock lamination hole punch packaging tape Make sure to have enough book bins plus a few extras for your book collection. This hack works best if your baskets have holes on the sides. I got my book bins for a dollar each at Dollar Tree four years ago. They are small but very durable and … Continue reading Teacher Hack: Durable Book Bin Labels