Rock Your Teacher Interview And Get The Job You Want!

I wouldn’t consider myself an expert in interviews, but let’s just say I’ve been through enough to know what to and what not to say in a teacher interview. During my senior year of college, I did everything I could to get the interview at the schools of my choice. I applied wherever I wanted and researched by butt off to see which schools would be compatible. I was very lucky to get an interview at most schools I applied to. My resume was apparently good enough that administrators wanted to see what I was all about. With as many … Continue reading Rock Your Teacher Interview And Get The Job You Want!

30 Interview Questions

Here are 30 interview questions that I have been asked over the years at interviews. I have recorded each in the hopes to help future teachers land their dream teaching job. They are in no particular order. Tell us a little bit about yourself. What do you know about RTI? Have you ever team taught and describe that experience? Tell us what you know about (insert state test). How will you prepare your class for (state test)? What’s the difference between classroom discipline and classroom management? Why do you want to teach at this school? What are three of your … Continue reading 30 Interview Questions