Teacher Hack: Durable Book Bin Labels

No more falling apart book bins and labels randomly showing up on the floor! Here is an easy teacher hack for anyone looking for a way to make their classroom library book bin labels more durable and longer lasting. Supplies Needed: book bins brads card stock lamination hole punch packaging tape Make sure to have enough book bins plus a few extras for your book collection. This hack works best if your baskets have holes on the sides. I got my book bins for a dollar each at Dollar Tree four years ago. They are small but very durable and … Continue reading Teacher Hack: Durable Book Bin Labels

Teacher Hack: Storing Student Earbuds

Markers ✔️ Pencils ✔️ Paper ✔️ Earbuds ❌ Integrating technology in the classroom is on the rise. A common school supply item on our back to school list is headphones or earbuds. With the use of Chromebooks and laptops, students can use this small, but important, item to listen to videos, interactive games, books, and much more. It can be a teachers worst nightmare when a student comes up with twisted earbuds that seem impossible to undo. Plastic baggies do not protect, rip easily, and are just not cutting it! I offer you this very easy, effective, and affordable way … Continue reading Teacher Hack: Storing Student Earbuds

Teacher Hack: DIY Folder

It’s the middle of the year, half of the school supplies the students brought are warn out, broken, or even lost. Many of the supplies are in use already and you just can’t seem to find enough folders for every student in your class. You don’t want to go out and spend a fortune on folders and other supplies that will not even last a month, so what do you do? Teachers, I have the perfect hack for you- The DIY Folder! This folder is great for thematic units of study or information you want to keep all together. With … Continue reading Teacher Hack: DIY Folder