An Open Letter to My Students During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Dear Students, How were we supposed to know that the last time we would all be together was going to be in March? We learned, played, and laughed like we were going to repeat it the next day. When you left school that afternoon, our last hugs and goodbyes were given.  We never even got to take one last whole class photo, you know the one where I tell you that you can make the silliest face you can think of? Or the one with your arms wrapped around your friends’ shoulders?  I simply wish I had one more day … Continue reading An Open Letter to My Students During the Covid-19 Pandemic

10 Tips For Teaching Remotely

For majority of us remote teaching and learning is a new experience, myself included. I’ve learned, in this short period of time, that you have to take what you are given and go with the flow. No one said this was going to be easy, yet no one said it shouldn’t be fun! During this unusual and historical occurrence that the country and the world is facing, it is important that we remember to provide opportunities to learn. Here are 10 tips for teachers on how to teach remotely. Take time to plan– Just like you would do in a … Continue reading 10 Tips For Teaching Remotely

4 Ways to Stay Connected With Students During Remote Learning

Trying to figure out ways to connect with students even when you don’t get to see them everyday? Well, you came to the right place! Teachers know how important it is to continue making connections with students even when school is now at home. Remote learning should not put a hold on forming relationships with students, so here are 4 ways teachers can stay connected with students during remote learning. Google Forms: Google Forms can be used in a variety of ways and checking in with students is a simple way to collect responses and data. Teachers can create Google … Continue reading 4 Ways to Stay Connected With Students During Remote Learning

Learning Reinvented

Teaching online during a pandemic is no easy task, especially when given little notice to turn every instructional plan into an online learning experience. Friday, March 13th, 2020, the Governor of Illinois closed all K-12 grade schools to prepare for the rapid outbreak of the COVID-19 virus that has been sweeping the world. Quickly, states began following suit by closing schools, restaurants, and stores to prevent the disease from spreading more. Teachers wasted very little time to jump into action to prepare what others called a “once-in-a-lifetime occurrence.” Myself included panicked at the news and wondering how we were going … Continue reading Learning Reinvented

Candy Shop: Classroom Transformation

Welcome! You are the Candy Shop’s newest employees and today is your first day of training! Great employees must follow directions, solve problems, and complete orders quickly and correctly. Let’s Begin! I think classroom transformations are my new favorite thing to implement in my classroom. When I say “you should have seen the look on students’ faces when they stepped inside the Candy Shop”… I mean I really wish you could have seen them! I made it a huge surprise all week and students couldn’t wait for what was in store. I actually got the inspiration for this idea from … Continue reading Candy Shop: Classroom Transformation

Amazingly Engaging Learning

Super soft, throwable, and oh…students talk through it! Say what?? Yes, I know, it sounds unusual but WOW! My classroom atmosphere changed drastically, student engagement has skyrocketed, and the overall dynamic of student involvement has increased. What in the world is making such a difference in my classroom you ask? I am talking about the Qball- the throwable microphone! From the moment I saw the Qball on Shark Tank one Sunday evening, I was sold! I never would have imagined the change my classroom would have experienced. I use the Qball to make class discussions less…well…boring! This microphone ball puts … Continue reading Amazingly Engaging Learning

MATH Rotations In My Classroom

“What in the world are math rotations?” I asked myself at the beginning of the school year. I recently discovered the wonders of MATH rotations from a colleague who implemented rotations within her math block. I never had the opportunity to organize my math time in this way and it intrigued me to learn what it was and how it worked. Now that I have fully learned and experienced math rotations, I am forever changed. Here is how I implement math rotations within my classroom. MATH is an acronym for: Math with technology At seat work Teacher time Hands on … Continue reading MATH Rotations In My Classroom