Teacher Hack: Durable Book Bin Labels

No more falling apart book bins and labels randomly showing up on the floor! Here is an easy teacher hack for anyone looking for a way to make their classroom library book bin labels more durable and longer lasting. Supplies Needed: book bins brads card stock lamination hole punch packaging tape Make sure to have enough book bins plus a few extras for your book collection. This hack works best if your baskets have holes on the sides. I got my book bins for a dollar each at Dollar Tree four years ago. They are small but very durable and … Continue reading Teacher Hack: Durable Book Bin Labels

My Classroom Library: The Reading Cove

Hello, my name is Nikki and I am a perfectionist 🙋. I give you permission to call me such a name because well… it’s true! It is my strength and my weakness wrapped up like a burrito. When it comes to my classroom library, I take pride in the work I put into it. I mean let’s be real, I spent more time setting up my book nook than any other area of my classroom. It’s not like I haven’t been collecting books and dreaming of my classroom since the age of 9 or anything. My vision for my classroom … Continue reading My Classroom Library: The Reading Cove

A Math Game Sure To Engage Even Your Most Reluctant Learners

What better way to learn math than through fun games! Technology is cool and all, and yes there are a ton of online resources at the tip of your fingers, but sometimes it’s fun to get away from devices and play a “good old fashioned” game on the floor! In my first years of teaching, my school required us to teach math for 90 minutes each day. Twenty of those minutes were strictly designated for students who needed intervention. Money and resources were not available to hire a math coach so we, the teachers, were in charge of providing RtI … Continue reading A Math Game Sure To Engage Even Your Most Reluctant Learners

Teacher Hack: Storing Student Earbuds

Markers ✔️ Pencils ✔️ Paper ✔️ Earbuds ❌ Integrating technology in the classroom is on the rise. A common school supply item on our back to school list is headphones or earbuds. With the use of Chromebooks and laptops, students can use this small, but important, item to listen to videos, interactive games, books, and much more. It can be a teachers worst nightmare when a student comes up with twisted earbuds that seem impossible to undo. Plastic baggies do not protect, rip easily, and are just not cutting it! I offer you this very easy, effective, and affordable way … Continue reading Teacher Hack: Storing Student Earbuds

How To Get Students Excited To Read

We all know that feeling that we get when we come across an activity or lesson we wished our teachers did when we were in elementary school. The one that changes our approach and perspective and is a total game changer in our own classroom. This is one of those activities!! I am talking about reading with flashlights. Many teachers refer to it as Flashlight Friday; reading to self with a handheld flashlight on a Friday. I thought it would be a fun activity to do every once in a while or even as a reward incentive. I took the … Continue reading How To Get Students Excited To Read

Book Reports Through Flipgrid

Book reports. Students tend to have a love-hate relationship with these simple book summaries. Want to be able to bring in the fun to book reports while also exposing other students to a variety of genres, personal opinions, and recommendations of a variety of novels? I have a fun and engaging way to have students interact with books! In the past, I have had students complete book reports and I met with them one-on-one to discuss story elements, favorite parts, interesting characters, and opinions of the book chosen. I wanted to intertwine this conversation that I have one-on-one with students … Continue reading Book Reports Through Flipgrid

Teacher Hack: DIY Folder

I have to give credit where credit is due. I’m sure this is not a new and innovative hack in any way but I want to give a shout out to my first year teacher “mom/closet buddy” (I’m sure you know who you are if you are reading this) who showed me this hack. Simple and easy so thank you for showing me! All you need is: – File Folders (comes in many colors) –Brads –3 Hole Puncher First, take a file folder and 3 hole punch the side of the folder. Make sure all the papers that you want … Continue reading Teacher Hack: DIY Folder

Someone is always watching

I am never the one to show weakness in any situation. I think it’s the competitive athlete in me. I persevere through pain and discouragement and turn to positivity for my coping mechanism. But sometimes not even I can avoid the overwhelming feeling that comes along with the profession of teaching. Circumstances pop up, mistakes happen, and we are human. Not everything in this life was meant to be a cake walk. Out of the many things I have learned in this crazy, rewarding, patience testing, outstanding profession that we call teaching is that someone is always watching. I am … Continue reading Someone is always watching