Amazingly Engaging Learning

Super soft, throwable, and oh…students talk through it! Say what??

Yes, I know, it sounds unusual but WOW! My classroom atmosphere changed drastically, student engagement has skyrocketed, and the overall dynamic of student involvement has increased. What in the world is making such a difference in my classroom you ask?

I am talking about the Qball- the throwable microphone!

From the moment I saw the Qball on Shark Tank one Sunday evening, I was sold! I never would have imagined the change my classroom would have experienced.

I use the Qball to make class discussions less…well…boring! This microphone ball puts a little pep in students steps and encourages them to share their thoughts. I use the Qball to allow students to explain math problems and read textual evidence from a class novel. I use the Qball in class meetings for students to share any victories they have experienced throughout the week or anything they would like to share with the class. Students get so excited and, in the end, student participation has reached a new level! Everyone wants the opportunity to have their voice be heard.

Even my quietest and most reserved students have their arms waving in the air embracing the chance to answer questions, provide comments, and express opinions.

Engaging is the name of the game and we are having fun along the way!