Teacher Hack: Durable Book Bin Labels

No more falling apart book bins and labels randomly showing up on the floor! Here is an easy teacher hack for anyone looking for a way to make their classroom library book bin labels more durable and longer lasting.

Supplies Needed:

  • book bins
  • brads
  • card stock
  • lamination
  • hole punch
  • packaging tape

Make sure to have enough book bins plus a few extras for your book collection. This hack works best if your baskets have holes on the sides. I got my book bins for a dollar each at Dollar Tree four years ago. They are small but very durable and kid friendly.

Laminate your book bin labels. I printed my labels out on card stock for more durability. Once printed, I laminated and cut each label. My book bins are categorized by author, genre, series, and topic.

Hole punch the corners of each label. Stick two brads through each hole. Secure the brads by folding the flaps in the basket.

Secure the brads into place with clear packaging tape. This prevents the brads and label from falling off. As you can tell, you can barely see the clear packaging tape on the inside of the basket.

I completed this project four years ago and to this day have not had a label fall off.

Easy to assemble, long lasting, and stylist!