My Classroom Library: The Reading Cove

Hello, my name is Nikki and I am a perfectionist 🙋. I give you permission to call me such a name because well… it’s true! It is my strength and my weakness wrapped up like a burrito.

When it comes to my classroom library, I take pride in the work I put into it. I mean let’s be real, I spent more time setting up my book nook than any other area of my classroom. It’s not like I haven’t been collecting books and dreaming of my classroom since the age of 9 or anything.

My vision for my classroom library changes as often as the wind shifts. I often stumble upon stunning Pinterest photos that I automatically want to recreate like it’s my one true calling in life. Thinking about it now, I have changed my classroom library layout every year since I started teaching.

Starting at a new school this year brought on a new set of challenges but also brought a new layout to experiment with.

Ta-Da! Here’s My Reading Cove!

My little book nook situated in the far corner of my classroom entices students to pick a good fit book and read. Students have the option to sit or lay on pillows, lounge on the benches, hangout in the oversized beanbag, or sit in a sitting desk.

My books are organized and categorized in blue and green bins with labels based on author, genre, topic, and series. Each label is securely placed on the baskets and students know exactly where books are. I have two white bookshelves and use my benches as extra storage. I still don’t have enough room to hold my whole collection of books (that’s the garage’s job for now)! I make sure students can have access to the cover of the books so they are more likely to read them. We all know that people pick a book based on its cover. 😏

Now it’s time to dive into a good book! Happy Reading!