Teacher Hack: Storing Student Earbuds

Markers ✔️

Pencils ✔️

Paper ✔️

Earbuds ❌

Integrating technology in the classroom is on the rise. A common school supply item on our back to school list is headphones or earbuds. With the use of Chromebooks and laptops, students can use this small, but important, item to listen to videos, interactive games, books, and much more.

It can be a teachers worst nightmare when a student comes up with twisted earbuds that seem impossible to undo. Plastic baggies do not protect, rip easily, and are just not cutting it! I offer you this very easy, effective, and affordable way to store student earbuds.

I bought these snack containers at my local Dollar Tree (3 for $1!) a few years ago. I originally used them to store students’ crayons- which worked great I might add. Once Chromebooks were introduced into my classroom, students needed a place to store their earbuds and we didn’t know where they could go without getting broken, damaged, or lost. I started having students store their earbuds and extra small accessories in these small containers so they are easily accessible.

I labeled each container with their student number and they got to choose if they wanted to store it in a basket or in their desk for safe keeping. If we travel to the computer lab, students just carry their container with them!

These containers fit perfectly in this box which is stored in storage carts in our room.

Goodbye tangled earbuds, hello teacher hack!