How To Get Students Excited To Read

We all know that feeling that we get when we come across an activity or lesson we wished our teachers did when we were in elementary school. The one that changes our approach and perspective and is a total game changer in our own classroom. This is one of those activities!!

I am talking about reading with flashlights. Many teachers refer to it as Flashlight Friday; reading to self with a handheld flashlight on a Friday. I thought it would be a fun activity to do every once in a while or even as a reward incentive. I took the splurge and bought a class set of flashlights from the dollar store and gave it a try. Oh man, was it a game changer! My students love it and when I say love, I mean they beg me week after week to get this activity scheduled in.

I turn off all the lights and cover the windows so the classroom becomes as dark as possible. Students are able to lay under, on top, across tables, or desks throughout the room. I even turn on a YouTube video of a fire faintly crackling projected on our smart board! I set a timer for 20 minutes and students are engaged the entire time, it’s exciting to know that students are wanting to read because of this activity!

Students know that the same expectations apply when they are reading to self: choose a place wisely, read the whole time, and work on our stamina.

If you want to see the joy of reading on your student’s face, try this activity in your classroom! You won’t regret it!