Someone is always watching

I am never the one to show weakness in any situation. I think it’s the competitive athlete in me. I persevere through pain and discouragement and turn to positivity for my coping mechanism. But sometimes not even I can avoid the overwhelming feeling that comes along with the profession of teaching. Circumstances pop up, mistakes happen, and we are human. Not everything in this life was meant to be a cake walk.

Out of the many things I have learned in this crazy, rewarding, patience testing, outstanding profession that we call teaching is that someone is always watching.

I am writing this blog post for future me and for any other educator that may be down on their luck, having one of “those days,” or just need a friendly reminder of why we are here.

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.”

I received this simple note, left on my desk while I was out of the room, to perfectly remind me that someone was watching and recognizing my hard work. This simplistic note had the capability to turn my day around and remind me that someone is always watching. The people who may be watching are the ones you least expect.

So I am here to tell you and anyone who wants to listen that someone is always watching.

You may think you’re not a good teacher, but others notice your hard work.

You may feel that you are not making a difference, but others see your caring nature and positive attitude.

You may think you’re alone, but someone is watching and recognizing your drive and passion.

Someone is always watching. When you least expect it, they will make their presence known and give a little encouragement and recognition.

Even though you can’t see the sweet note on the other side, this turned my day completely around. As cliché as it sounds, it couldn’t have come at a better time. When I told my coworker thank you, she merely said that she sees my hard work and wanted to show her appreciation.

Spread kindness: You never know who might be needing it.