• 7 Ways to Prevent the Sunday Scaries
    People experience Sunday scaries in different ways but for those who don’t know it’s the unsettling feeling that one gets when they realize the work week is about to start and the weekend is coming to an end. Anxiety starts flooding your head and taking over the precious weekend you have left.
  • Student Created Newsletters
    Since I started teaching, communicating with families has always been an area that I have been seeking to improve. Yes, I communicate with families in a variety of ways: emails, phone calls, newsletters, notes, and Class Dojo messages. And this whole time and for all these years of communicating using these methods, I thought I was doing great. I was keeping parents and family members informed and they knew what was happening in our classroom on a weekly basis. It wasn’t until my summative evaluation my fourth year of teaching that I realized that I wasn’t necessarily doing it correctly. …
  • How to Create a Virtual Library
    Wanting a way for students to have books at the tips of their fingers? Learn how to create, design, and share your own virtual library with students at home and at school.