• 6 *Free* Engaging Websites for Test/Quiz Review
    If you are like me and enjoy throwing some fun and engaging review activities into your lesson plans, look no further because I got you covered. I have collected my favorite FREE review websites for any test or quiz you may have coming up.
  • Welcome to Shark Tank: Financial Literacy Project
    Do you ever have that one unit or project that you look forward to introducing to your students every year? My favorite unit to teach incorporates elements of financial literacy and design that is sure to activate kids’ innovative thinking and problem-solving skills!
  • Glow Day Classroom Transformation
    The idea of having a glow day actually came from my fourth grade students who asked for a “no lights day” for their whole class behavior incentive. I got so excited that the wheels inside my head started spinning. I went home right after school to research and plan and knew that I could create an epic glow day classroom transformation.