• How to Create a Virtual Library
    Wanting a way for students to have books at the tips of their fingers? Learn how to create, design, and share your own virtual library with students at home and at school.
  • DIY Dry Erase Calendar
    Looking for a simple way to stay organized? Maybe you are looking to fill a space with a cute design. It only cost me $4! I wanted to share with you how I created this DIY dry erase calendar.
  • End of the Year Class Photo: Pandemic Style
    I was so sad when I realized I wasn’t going to be able to get a last day of school picture with my students this year. I have framed pictures of each class that I have taught and I have hang them on my classroom wall for students to see and for me to admire. There is always something about pictures that makes a classroom feel more like home. I came across a trend that has been circulating around social media about the idea of a Bitmoji class. Teachers have been using Google Slides and the app Bitmoji to create …